FineArt Printing & Photography


In 2022, Pau Groenendijk of Mooie Boeken, with the knowledge she has acquired in recent years about the production of facsimiles, founded a collective in which several people from different book and paper disciplines work together.
The following are involved in this collective:

Nicole Mosch fineartprinter specialising in facsimiles and reproductions
Thekla Ahrens, a young bookbinder who trained at the Rietveld Academy.
Judith van Daal, bookbinder and adept at supervising book productions;
Floor Meijboom, paper and book restorer with a good eye for ageing;
Herre de Vries, book restorer with historical/technical knowledge;

This colourful group supports each other with questions and the search for solutions for the production of facsimiles.
Through this co-operation, high-quality and special facsimiles are created time and again.